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"for God has given unto us: lands, vineyards and cities." (Joshua 24:13)


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Michael C. Diotte

MICHAEL DIOTTE is a senior pastor and clinical counsellor.

After graduating from business college, he obtained a bachelor degree in theology, also certification as a clinical and trauma counsellor. Michael hosts his

own local television show and his passion for praise and

worship led to two recording albums.

Michael and his family live in Southern Ontario where Michael

is a senior pastor of a church and operates his counselling

practice.  He and his family's passion for their country

(Canada); its citizens; and the church (the body of Christ),

have caused them to be dreamers of God's possibilities

unfolding in their lives and those around them.

Michael continues to pursue and develop the call of God upon

his life and is desirous to see every person come into a

saving, personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ.